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March News

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No Airbnb

Airbnb Law Needs Enforcement

As of February 1, 2015, some rentals for less than 30 days are allowed. However, the current legislation is bad for tenants. Supervisor Campos is trying to get amendments passed to help tenants. Contact your supervisor to get their support of the amendments by Campos.

Short-term rentals are very risky for the tenant host and reduces the housing stock. Also, Airbnb had been operating illegally by not paying taxes and enriches investor Ron Conway who funds legislation and politicians against tenants. After pressure by City Hall since the back taxes was a potential problem for politicians allied with Airbnb (such as Mayor Lee, London Breed, and Scott Wiener), Airbnb has finally paid tens of millions of dollars in back taxes including penalties.


We Cannot Build Our Way Out of the Affordability Crisis

SF BARF (SF Bay Area Renters' Federation) claims we need to build our way out of the housing affordability crisis. San Francisco's chief economist's testified that it would take as many more units as has been increased since 1920 to have an impact.

Money War

Ellis Act Eviction Relocation Payment May Be Amended

San Francisco Supervisor David Campos tries again to increase relocation payments due to Ellis Act evictions that have displaced many San Francisco tenants. The current relocation payments are insufficient to address the enormous increases in rent most tenants face when evicted from their San Francisco homes.

scale of justice

Buyouts of Tenants Are Regulated

The San Francisco Supervisors in a 7/4 vote (Breed, Farrell, Tang, Wiener opposing) approved groundbreaking legislation from Supervisor David Campos which will stop the speculators from using buyouts to get around prohibitions on condo conversions and other tenant protections. Mayor Lee declined to veto the legislation.

•Requires buyouts to be filed and registered with the San Francisco Rent Board.
•Imposes the same condo conversion prohibitions as for no-fault evictions when a tenant has vacated under a buyout agreement after October 31, 2014.
•Requires landlords to notify tenants of their rights (in a form developed by the Rent Board) prior to negotiating a buyout.
•Gives tenants the right to rescind a buyout for 45 days after signing the agreement.

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