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San Francisco tenants have become a powerful political force in San Francisco. At the ballot and at the Board of Supervisors we have won many important victories in the past few years, greatly strengthening rent control.

We can only do this by tenants working together as a powerful grass roots lobby. Let the Mayor and Supervisors know you care when important issues are before them. Call, write, fax and e-mail the politicians. Let them know you are a tenant and you vote!

If you want to help, contact us: get involved . We will let you know about upcoming hearings and how you can help out through research, mailings, phoning, etc.

The Mayor and Supervisors can be written to at: Mayor/Supervisor, City Hall, 1 Dr. Carlton Goodlet Place, San Francisco, CA, 94102. All Supervisors can be faxed to at 554-5163.

Below is the list of current Supervisors and their phone numbers and e-mail addresses:

District One (The Richmond)
Sup. Eric Mar
(415) 554-7410 - voice
(415) 554-7415 - fax

District Two (The Marina)
Sup. Mark Farrell
(415) 554-7752 - voice
(415) 554-7843 - fax

District 3 (North Beach/Chinatown/Russian Hill)
Sup. David Chiu
(415) 554-7450 - voice
(415) 554-7454 - fax

District 4 (Outer Sunset)
Sup. Katy Tang
San Francisco, CA 94102-4689
(415) 554-7460 - voice
(415) 554-7432 - fax

District 5 (Haight and Western Addition)
Sup. London Breed
(415) 554-7630 - voice
(415) 554-7634 - fax

District 6 (Tenderloin/SOMA/North Mission/Hayes Valley)
Sup. Jane Kim
(415) 554-7970 - voice
(415) 554-7974 - fax

District 7 (West of Twin Peaks/Parkmerced)
Sup. Norman Yee
(415) 554-6516 - voice
(415) 554-6546 - fax

District 8 (Castro and Noe Valley)
Sup. Scott Wiener
(415) 554-6968 - voice
(415) 554-6909 - fax

District 9 (Mission)
Sup. David Campos
(415) 554-5144 - voice
(415) 554-6255 - fax

District 10 (Bayview and Potrero Hill)
Sup. Malia Cohen
(415) 554-7670 - voice
(415) 554-7674 - fax

District 11 (Excelsior)
Sup. John Avalos
(415) 554-6975 - voice
(415) 554-6979 - fax

Board of Supervisors Page
(Includes Info on Meeting Agendas, Legislation Introduced, District Maps and More)

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